Moscow Digital Twin and Mos.Cloud management platform presented at the CIPR 2022

Moscow Digital Twin and Mos.Cloud management platform presented at the CIPR 2022

Several large-scale metropolitan development and management projects were presented by the Moscow Government at the annual conference “Digital Industry of Industrial Russia” (CIPR). According to Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow, among these were the city’s digital twin and the Mos.Cloud information system.

Moscow Digital Twin and Mos.Cloud management platform presented at the CIPR 2022

The Digital Twin project is based on the photogrammetric model of Moscow. Photogrammetry is a method used to create 3D models by combining photos taken from a variety of angles. A total of 16 million aerial photos were used to carry out the project. The virtual map covers over 3,200 square kilometers of Moscow’s land area.

“Projects like the Digital Twin facilitate the planning of urban development and improving the quality of life. This highly precise 3D map allows to find out beforehand whether an object will fit in with the existing infrastructure and harmonize with the architectural environment, understand how to ensure transport accessibility, and so forth. The system makes it possible to analyze every step down to the last detail,” Sergunina noted.

The Digital Twin’s database provides a wide variety of information, for example, data on issued building permits and organizations occupying city buildings. All data are regularly updated.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform Mos.Cloud was another major tech project presented by the Moscow Government. This information system integrates and automates city departments’ work processes. It allows to facilitate budget planning, record-keeping, staff and property management, providing managers with key information and analytics collected.

This year, the CIPR conference takes place on June 1–3 in Nizhny Novgorod. It is one of Russia’s most important events dedicated to digital economy, industrial transformation, and implementation of the “Digital Economy” national program.

In 2018, in order to create comfortable living conditions in all city districts, the “My District” program initiated by the Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin was launched in Moscow. The program aims to create a modern urban environment, improve transport accessibility as well as the quality of education and medical assistance, provide additional opportunities to engage in sporting activities, renew the existing cultural venues and open new ones. Each set of transformations is determined according to the requests of local residents.

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