The Center takes part in the XXI annual RANS conference

The Center takes part in the XXI annual RANS conference

The Center for Global IT-Cooperation took part in the XXI annual conference “State and Prospects for the Development of ICT Infrastructure”, organized by the public-state association "Russian Association of Network Services” (RANS). The event took place on October 13-14, 2021 in Moscow.

The Center takes part in the XXI annual RANS conference

The conference is dedicated to current trends in the development of ICT infrastructure, improving the regulatory framework, import substitution and export orientation. The event was traditionally attended by representatives of government agencies, telecommunications companies, research institutes and other interested parties.

Vadim Glushchenko, Director of the Center for Global IT-Cooperation, spoke at the Round Table “Involving Russian Experts in the Global Internet Governance Process”. He emphasized that the Internet today is an integral part of our life. The global audience of the World Wide Web has reached 4.66 billion people. However, this involvement also has its drawbacks, such as the rise in cybercrime and the proliferation of destructive content. The digital divide has not disappeared either: 40% of the world's population still does not have access to the Internet. At the same time, legal regulations do not always keep pace with the rapid technological changes in the online environment. That is why proposals on the need to develop common rules are presented more and more often at international venues. On the one hand these rules would help to reduce the digital divide, on the other hand, would make it possible to jointly fight against negative phenomena. 

A striking example of such an initiative was the report of the UN Secretary General “Our Common Agenda”. It calls on governments, the private sector and civil society, building on the Digital Cooperation Roadmap, to work together on the digital multi-stakeholder track to agree on a Global Digital Compact. In the treaty itself, it is planned to outline the general principles of an open, free and secure digital future for all people. 

“Bearing in mind the background of such a development of events, we certainly cannot stand aside. The task of the state, IT industry business, and the entire professional community is to more actively participate in specialized international events and organizations, including those related to the development of international standards in the field of IT and the improvement of the system for ensuring multilateral Internet governance. And the UN is seen here as the most important of them. Let me remind you that improving the quality and level of participation of the domestic expert community in international IT cooperation is one of the key tasks of our Center, and we are ready to act as a platform for developing joint approaches in this area,” said Vadim Glushchenko. 

One of the most important multilateral platforms for discussing Internet-related public policy issues is the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF). This year it will take place in Poland from 6 to 10 December.

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