Call for RIGF 2023 peer-reviewed articles

Call for RIGF 2023 peer-reviewed articles

The call for articles for the RIGF 2023 Collection of Papers is now open.

Call for RIGF 2023 peer-reviewed articles

The Center for Global IT-Cooperation is inviting papers by both Russian and foreign authors for the collection of exclusive peer-reviewed articles on a wide range of topics related to Internet governance, “Internet Today and Tomorrow.”

An approximate list of thematic lines includes topical challenges facing the information space and digital economy, the problems associated with the introduction and use of cross-cutting technology, goals and measures aimed at strengthening the IT industry, etc. Formats: analytical summary reports, scenarios, forecasts, proposals, and recommendations. 

As more papers are collected, consideration will be given to translating the texts into English in order to present them to the foreign audience at international venues, including the UN Internet Governance Forum, which will be held in Kyoto (Japan) in October 2023.

Approximate length of the article: 3 to 5 pages. Font size: 12 pt. Line spacing: 1.15 lines. The article should include properly formatted footnotes and a reference list.

The goals of the RIGF 2023 Collection of Papers are as follows:

·     To stimulate discussion on the development of the Internet, digital technologies and information environment in Russia and abroad

·      To strengthen coordination between experts—Collection of Papers as an instrument for interinstitutional dialogue

·      To add to the scientific knowledge base for the introduction and use of cross-cutting technology

·      To reveal and assess topical challenges

·      To identify priority objectives aimed at strengthening Russia’s segment of the Internet as well as the IT industry as a whole

·      To take balanced positions and establish priorities to ensure Russia’s effective participation in international cooperation in present circumstances.


We are inviting papers on the following topics:

·      Management and regulation system for any area of digitalization: challenges and solutions

·      Development of the Internet: infrastructure, technologies, software

·      Strengthening global IT cooperation; international cooperation; international organizations; negotiation process

·      Global Digital Compact (GDC)

·      Internet fragmentation

·      The roles and interaction of actors: state – business – society

·      Evolution of the digital economy: trends, analysis, forecasts

·      Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection challenges

·      Protecting users, countering the spread of destructive content: threat and risk assessment

·      Equal opportunities, discrimination, human rights, soft law instruments

·      Global digital tax, fines, sanctions, restrictive measures

·      New technologies in education, medicine, and the public sector

·      Decentralized applications and Web 3.0

·      Artificial intelligence, deepfakes, blockchain, etc.


Final paper submission deadline: March 10, 2023. 

We invite all experts who would like to join the project to email us at

You can get acquainted with the Collection of Papers published by the Center in 2022 on the Center’s website.

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