The Russia-Africa Summit started in St. Petersburg

The Russia-Africa Summit started in St. Petersburg

The first day of the Russia-Africa Summit started in St. Petersburg. All the heads of key states of the continent arrived to the northern capital of Russia, except for Niger's President Mohamed Bazoum overthrown the day before.

The Russia-Africa Summit started in St. Petersburg

It is known that such topics as cooperation between Russia and Africa at all levels, including agriculture, medicine, education, as well as issues of security and independence are planned to be discussed as the Summit.

On the first day of a top-level meeting, the guests will see new Russian equipment, which is in great necessity for Africa. It includes Rostselmash combines, passenger buses, cargo tractors and even mobile medical laboratories. Thus, everyone will be able to find new partners.

The guests of the summit will also see Russian helicopters. For example, “Ansats” have already been flying and helping people in Zimbabwe. It is an ideal machine for African conditions, which works at temperatures up to +50 degrees.

Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Roscongress Foundation, Alexander Stuglev recalled that Russia had worked out friendly and trusting relations with Africa since the USSR times. A new milestone in mutually beneficial cooperation has begun already in the 2000s, when intertrade grew eightfold in one decade. Today this figure is about $18 billion and continues to grow.

 “We look forward to continue our relations with South Africa, which have been built over many years. These relations are very important for us, considering the Russia’s role in the South African struggle for freedom. It can be compared to the relationship between brother and sister, comrades and friends,” Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of the Republic of South Africa, Naledi Pandor said.

Russia and the Republic of South Africa, one of the biggest gainers on the continent along with Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco and Ethiopia, are bound together by participation in the BRICS and G20. And Russia can really help the African continent become independent, so the latter is ready for it so far. Despite a tremendous pressure, politicians and businessmen from 49 African countries came to St. Petersburg.

The day before, on July 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin started a series of contacts with the heads of African delegations, having held negotiations with the third Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed Ali. The meeting took place at the Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelna. The Head of the state expressed his hope for a fruitful cooperation between countries, and specifically within the Russia-Africa Summit.

Earlier, on July 12, Ambassador at Large of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Head of the Secretariat of the Russia-Africa Partnership Forum, Oleg Ozerov said that deepening of cooperation with African countries was moving to a qualitatively new level.

Previously, the Russian leader expressed his confidence that Africa would become one of the leaders of a multipolar world order. He added that the Russian Federation had been always paying and would continue to pay special attention to cooperation with African states.

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