Entrepreneurs from CIS Countries Will Tell How to Create a Startup

Entrepreneurs from CIS Countries Will Tell How to Create a Startup

On September 14-15, a free webinar, "How to Create a Startup: From Idea to First Results?", will be held, it was organized by the Center for Global IT Cooperation together with Astana Hub, the largest international technology park for IT startups in Central Asia.

Entrepreneurs from CIS Countries Will Tell How to Create a Startup

Participants will learn the main aspects of creating a startup: from idea to launch and attraction of the first investments. In addition, it will be possible to ask any questions and get answers from experienced specialists in the field of creation, support and maintenance of startups at different stages. 

The speaker of the second day will be Magzum Tolesh, a Founder and CEO of EasyTap, one of the most fast-growing startups in Central Asia, which covers almost all regions of Kazakhstan and is entering the US market. The startup has attracted investments worth over $350,000 from business angels and venture capital funds. He will focus on one of the most important stages of the project - the search for investment, and will tell about the differences between local and international funds, as well as help prepare for pitching the idea to potential investors.

At the end of the course, the participants will have a better understanding of what a startup is, what stages a startup's journey consists of, and what is necessary for the successful completion of each stage. 

Among other things, the participants will learn about real examples of creating startups from scratch and will analyse the mistakes of beginners in such a complex business. Other topics that will be touched upon during the webinar include creating an MVP (minimum viable product), the customer journey, the marketing funnel and promotion plan, working with business customers, finding a team and distributing functionality, and building a financial model for a startup. 

The webinar will be held from 10.00 to 13.00 (Moscow time) on September 14 and 15. All participants will receive a certificate of successful completion of the programme and unlimited access to the Astana Hub knowledge base. Anyone can register for free by following the link.


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