Youth Cooperation For Good: Education In the Field of ICT

Youth Cooperation For Good: Education In the Field of ICT

On October 11, within the framework of the UN Internet Governance Forum in Kyoto (Japan), two sessions were held on the role of youth in the field of information and communication technologies, organised by the Center for Global IT Cooperation, the Youth Council of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ (CC) and the School of International Information Security.

Youth Cooperation For Good: Education In the Field of ICT

The "The International Legal Dimension of ICT" session was devoted to the regulation of ICT: documents, organizations and existing problems. The speakers were Nanbaan Pvaspo, a cybersecurity specialist from Nigeria and ISOC 2023 Youth Ambassador, Arevik Martirosyan, author and head of the School of International Information Security, James Amatti, a graduate of the West African School of Internet Governance, a technology expert with more than a decade of experience, and Laura Pereira, a researcher at the Getulio Vargas Foundation School of Communications, a graduate Brazilian and Southern Schools of Internet Management.

The speakers came to the conclusion that digital platforms and content, as well as the governance of artificial intelligence, are currently the main topics influencing the legal governance of ICT and Internet governance in general. And the existing national and intergovernmental initiatives mainly adhere to a protective approach, where the sociotechnical risks that developing technologies carry are singled out separately.

The second session entitled "World Wide Web of Youth: Cooperation for Enlightenment" was devoted to the involvement of the younger generation in the field of Internet governance, the development of digital, media and information literacy, as well as the motivation of young people to go into the field of information technology.

The Center for Global IT Cooperation spoke about its youth projects, in particular about the Youth Internet Governance Forum (Youth RIGF), which has been held every year since 2021, as well as about the initiative born on the sidelines of this Forum - the Institute of Youth Digital Ombudsman.

In turn, the CC presented its own initiatives, in particular the Russian Summer School on Internet Governance, which is part of the global Schools on Internet Governance movement and the School's subsidiary project, the Digital Reality Discussion Club. Additionally, the CC told about the CC Youth Council itself and a special course for young people held on the eve of the Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF).

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