Inter-Parliamentary Dialogue at IGF

Inter-Parliamentary Dialogue at IGF

The Inter-parliamentary dialogue at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), held from October 8 to 12, 2023 in Kyoto (Japan), is aimed at promoting cooperation on topical issues of development and management of the Internet and digital technologies. This is an important format that confirms the importance of parliamentarians in ensuring progress and security in the digital space.

Inter-Parliamentary Dialogue at IGF

In 2023, the parliamentary track of the Forum focused on issues of ensuring the free flow of data, as well as the importance of trust between countries for a more complete use of the economic and social opportunities of digital transformation.

At the "Governing Data: What Can Parliamentarians Do To Support A Trustworthy Online Space?" session held on October 8, 2023 the discussion prticipants discussed the following issues:

  • How can countries strengthen data governing, ensuring their protection and confidentiality, to support a truly global digital economy; 

  • How to ensure the protection of personal data and privacy, based, in particular, on the OECD Declaration on Government Access to Personal Data Held by Businesses;

  • How governments can collect data in accordance with principles and standards that protect data and the right to privacy.

During the discussion, the thesis was made that users should have the right to decide which data should be used and for what purposes. In addition, they should be able to monitor the implementation of these decisions. It was noted that trust is strengthened when governments make clear and comprehensive commitments to protect people's rights and freedoms, including the fundamental right to privacy.

It was also stressed that countries need a consolidated position on the fact that every citizen has the right to privacy. So that people can share data, knowing that at all levels and stages of data processing there is responsibility for their misuse. At the session, the practice of protecting users in Germany, Brazil, the African continent and Thailand was presented as a successful experience.

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