International Experts Trained Young Startupers in the Field of Digital Solutions

International Experts Trained Young Startupers in the Field of Digital Solutions

On September 14-15, Center for Global IT-Cooperation and the largest international IT park of startups in Central Asia, Astana Hub, held a webinar "How to Create a Startup: From Idea to First Results?" dedicated to the creation, development and promotion of a startup.

International Experts Trained Young Startupers in the Field of Digital Solutions

The webinar was attended by Daulet Beimurzinov, Director of Educational Programs at Astana Hub, Meruert Kenesova, Venture Analyst at Astana Hub, and Maksat Kadyrov, Creator and Technical Director of Kwaaka.

During the lectures, the listeners got a formed idea of what a startup is, what stages make up the startup's journey from idea to scaling up and what is necessary for the successful completion of each stage. Among other things, the webinar covered topics such as the creation of an MVP (a minimally viable product), a marketing funnel and a promotion plan, the distribution of functionality in the team, and much more.

Meruert Kenesova told the participants about the types of investors and venture funds, as well as about relatively new trends in investment - venture studios: "Today, any startup can exist and develop only within the ecosystem, that is, through interaction with a large number of players, and an important part of such ecosystems is venture financing, which allows startups to grow and scale up. This direction is at the initial stage of development in many countries, so there is a unique opportunity for young professionals to immerse themselves in the world of venture capital and develop it, making their contribution at the initial stage."

In his speech, Maksat Kadyrov shared his experience of creating a startup, told about the project he is currently developing in Kazakhstan, and gave a number of tips for beginners: "It is necessary to find a solution to a problem that is relevant for many. As a CTO, there is no need to focus on technology for the sake of technology. The main focus is on the needs of the customer, therefore, you should be ready to quickly develop a simple solution and offer it to the user. This approach will help the startup succeed."

The Center for Global IT-Cooperation regularly holds events in the field of IT in a hybrid format. The next event of the Center is planned on October 3 in the main digital space of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. The discussion will be devoted to future changes in the labor market, namely, what impact technologies and artificial intelligence will have on existing specialties, who should study now and which professions will become the most popular in the near future.

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