IT mission to Iran

IT mission to Iran

The Center for Global IT Cooperation in conjunction with the MCCI Commission on Foreign Economic Relations with Partners in Iran visited Tehran with an IT Mission.

IT mission to Iran

On December 13-16, the Center for Global IT Cooperation (the Center) and the MCCI Commission on Foreign Economic Relations conducted an IT Mission to Tehran with partners. The purpose of the visit to Iran was to establish bilateral relations, to establish direct partnerships in order to conclude possible advanced contracts and to develop joint research projects. 

The Russian delegation represented the Russian companies and research centers that are partners of the Center and the MCCI, and the representative of Russian DZ•Systems, who was among the visitors, demonstrated the capabilities of the group’s companies in Iran. 

During the visit, the delegation visited the Presidential Center for Progress and Development of Iran, held business consultations with experts of Iranian Fanap (a large ICT holding - industrial technologies and fintech), Simorg (software, service projects and insurance business support), Association of IT Companies of Tehran and ICT Park of Alborz Province. Business meetings were also held with a number of Iranian companies that are interested in establishing partnerships. 

The highly topical program of the visit included targeted presentations, B2B networking, visits to IT offices and meetings of various formats with potential partners of the Iranian digital innovation cluster. However, even before the trip, the partners worked out in advance the hottest topics of cooperation, which affected the quality of established partnerships and prospects for further interaction.

The Russian delegation was able to start a dialogue and create favorable starting positions for further, more-directly-on-point negotiations in a wide range of areas, including such as fintech, cloud technologies, business process optimization, marketplaces, intelligent automation and data protection. Special emphasis was placed on finding mutually beneficial contacts in the area of implementing IT solutions and products in the medical, educational, transportation, public administration and social sectors.

Some starting points for the further development of the dialogue with Iranian organizations were created during the visit also in the field of joint research and innovative projects, in the field of personnel training and exchange of subject matter experts, the development of joint acceleration programs for start-ups and young design teams.

The meetings with the Iranian party were useful for the gradual accumulation of information about the Iranian market, its specifics, the Iranian digital ecosystem, taking into account the cultural and national traditions of this country. The host party demonstrated a high level of organization and effective business negotiation practices.

Based on the results of the mission, the Center made further plans for the development of the Iranian market and specified the most productive vectors for cooperation. The partnership in the field of telemedicine and the promotion of relevant methods, solutions and services to the Iranian market are highlighted as a separate line of business. In addition, for the purpose of effective interaction with the Iranian party, the plan was developed to create a joint presentation platform for posting useful business and other information about potential partners, projects and products.

Following the results of the trip, the Center and the MCCI Commission have planned joint arrangements for the development of IT projects with Iran for the next year. The organizers of the IT mission are ready to consider offers and proposals from interested Russian companies to participate in the project. If you would like to participate in the next trip and consider the possibility of cooperation with partners in the field of IT in Iran for your organization, you can contact the Center via e-mail

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