CGITC participated in a pre-planned T20 event

CGITC participated in a pre-planned T20 event

On August 11, 2022, CGITC representatives participated in yet another pre-planned Think20 (T20) event, which was a workshop on “Meaningful Digital Connectivity, Cyber Security, Empowerment.”

CGITC participated in a pre-planned T20 event

The workshop focused on a thought-leadership discussion aimed at creating a healthy online environment by promoting proper content moderation through increased digital literacy skills. Specifically, the discussion centered around the ways to define the boundaries of content moderation as well as ensure transparent and reliable due process as part of and in the margins of the T20 Policy Areas.

During the session on “Digital Literacy and the Governance of Online Content,” Executive Director of SafeNet Damar Juniarto spoke on the risk and danger of opening the Internet, while Tatiana Kurbatova, a CGITC expert, presented a report on deepfakes and security in the information environment. Markham Erickson, Vice President of Google’s Centers of Excellence, was the keynote speaker.

Director of Open Net Kyung Sin Park, Of-Counsel for the Internet Freedom Foundation Vrinda Bhandari, and Chairman of Smart Cities Network Kok-Chin Tay spoke at the second session, titled “Promoting Digital Literacy amongst Diverse Communities and Groups of Citizens for Online Content Safety.”

Since the project was launched, CGITC representatives have already participated in four pre-planned research-focused T20 events for member countries.

The T20 is the international research engagement group of the G20 that serves as the ideas and research bank of the G20 and a platform for the preparation of G20 documents and resolutions. The T20 brings together think tanks and research centers, which submit their applications and go through a selection process to become eligible for creating a Policy Brief (PB), that is, a summary of a particular problem.

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