More than half of the world’s large and medium companies use AI

More than half of the world’s large and medium companies use AI

Artificial intelligence, according to Dentos, is used and tested by 60% of large and medium-sized businesses in the world. 209 entrepreneurs, including those from Russia, participated in the online survey.

More than half of the world’s large and medium companies use AI

Most of the survey participants use AI in customer relationship systems, in process administration and in sales, Vedomosti reported.

However, only 19% of business representatives have a ready technology development strategy in their company.

Among the risks for business, survey participants named the high cost of AI systems (83% of participants), the protection of personal data (81%), the level of control over the AI decision-making process by the human (81%), the uncertainty about responsibility for technology errors (80%).

The global results of the survey are close to Russian reality, experts say. Many Russians are now concerned about the security of personal data through the use of artificial intelligence technologies.

In the near future, according to analysts' forecasts, the issue of liability for harm caused by the use of these technologies may become acute.

The main obstacle to the development of AI technologies is the shortage and high cost of Data Science specialists, AI engineers, project managers and AI products, Alexey Sidoryuk, Director for Artificial Intelligence at ANO “Digital Economy”, concluded. 

The Russian digitalization policy is aimed at democratization and cheapening the availability of artificial intelligence for business, said Anton Losev, director of the Center for Digital Technology Research at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. With the advent of cheap boxed or open-source solutions and libraries, it will be possible to create low-cost recommender services and decision-making systems, he added.

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