Alliance for children protection in the digital space created an advisory group

Alliance for children protection in the digital space created an advisory group

An Advisory Group has been established under the auspices of the Alliance for Children Protection in the Digital Space. The first members of the group are: Center for Global IT-Cooperation, Center for the Study and Network Monitoring of the Youth Environment, the charitable organization “Zhuravlik”, the Russian State Children's Library and the Institute of the Youth Digital Ombudsman.

Alliance for children protection in the digital space created an advisory group

The role of the Advisory Group, which includes representatives of educational organizations, NGOs and businesses, will be to provide the Alliance initiatives and projects with the necessary expert support. At the moment, the formation of the Advisory Group continues.

Anton Shingarev, Chairman of the Alliance for Children Protection in the Digital Space: “For the productive work of the Alliance, the participation of representatives of various spheres of public life and business is extremely important. The Advisory Group will provide an opportunity to comprehensively evaluate our initiatives and generate new ideas. We are convinced that together we can provide children with safe environment for communication and creativity in a dynamically changing digital environment”.

Vadim Glushchenko, Director of the Center for Global IT-Cooperation: “Protecting children online is certainly a noble business. And our foreign colleagues have a lot of best practices in this area. Exchange of experience and establishment of international relations could become promising areas of the Alliance's activities. We will be happy to take part in the Advisory Group of the Alliance. We are ready to find common ground with foreign experts in the field of child safety in the online space and promote the ideas of the Alliance on international platforms”. 

Denis Zavarzin, member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, head of the Center for the Study and Network Monitoring of the Youth Environment: “The creation of the Alliance is a serious step towards industry self-regulation. It is gratifying that the largest market players are aware of the existing challenges of the digital space and are ready for interaction. Working in the Advisory Group will allow us to find the best intelligent solutions and create modern technical products for the protection of children”.

Anna Kopylova, Programme Development Director, charitable organization “Zhuravlik”: “We support the idea of ​​creating the Alliance and are very enthusiastic about our participation in the Advisory Group. Cyberbullying prevention is one of the important areas of our “Travli NET” programme, which is why we support initiatives aimed at creating a safe digital environment for children. We hope that the work of the Alliance will bring tangible real benefits, and we ourselves are going to share the accumulated experience and expertise since the creation of a reliable friendly Internet space is a guarantee of both the future development of children and our common future”.

Maria Vedenyapina, Director of the Russian State Children's Library, Honoured Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation: “We, as specialists who communicate with children on a daily basis, are certainly familiar and understand the threats that often lurk for them on the Internet. Therefore, for many years now, our library has been studying this problem and developing recommendations for protecting the younger generation from unwanted Internet content, takes an active part in the events of the annual Safe Runet Week, supports the Weblandia platform – the best sites for children. In 2021 we organized webinar “Together for family Internet: role and possibilities of libraries’. Therefore, I believe that our experience will be useful to colleagues”.

Dmitry Gulyaev, Youth Digital Ombudsman: “I am very grateful for the trust and invitation to join the Advisory Group. The Youth Digital Ombudsman with his team, like the Alliance, pursues the most important goal - to create a safe and friendly digital space for children. I hope for effective joint work in this direction and will be glad to participate in the discussion and assistance in the implementation of the Alliance's projects within the framework of the Consultative Group's activities”.

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