VK Restarts Games

VK intends to invest about 300 million rubles in Russian video game studios in 2023 and launch educational programs at universities to train specialized personnel. Previously, the holding company within the framework of My.Games, which was sold in 2022, invested more than 6 billion rubles in the creation of video games around the world over four years. Given the budget deficit of the industry in the Russian Federation, strategic investors are needed, experts admit. But VK will focus on low-budget projects with a short development cycle, because it will be difficult to recoup triple-A games only at the expense of the Russian market.


The Central Bank Has Found New Ways of Cross-Border Settlements

The Bank of Russia expects to start developing a model of cross-border settlements using the digital ruble in the first quarter. The presentation of the Central Bank shows two models which can be considered as a basic version. However, the market participants believe that the very introduction of the cross-border settlements using the digital currency of central banks is a matter of the distant future and depends not only on technology, but also on the geopolitical environment.


Skillbox named programming the most chosen area of additional education in 2022

According to the educational platform, the most popular professional skills are "Python Developer" and "1C Developer".


With gigabits at the ready

Authorities have approved the use of 5.9–6.4 GHz frequencies for the Wi-Fi BE communications standard in offices and residential buildings. The standard increases the speed of wireless Internet access and is possible on all modern smartphones, tablets and PCs, but has not been legalized in the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation Ministry for Digital Technology, Communication and Mass Media believes that given the shortage of equipment for mobile Wi-Fi networks, it can partially compensate for the decrease in their bandwidth. However, the performance of the function depends on the position of equipment suppliers who have stopped supporting Russian devices.


Global Digital Compact: Opinions of the Russian Expert Society

On December 22, a round table “The Global Digital Compact: on the Threshold of a New Era” organized by the Center for Global IT Cooperation took place in Moscow.


Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles Signed in Europe

The Presidents of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council signed the European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles. It was proposed by the Commission in January 2022 and was intended to support the objectives of the Digital Compass 2030.


IT mission to Iran

The Center for Global IT Cooperation in conjunction with the MCCI Commission on Foreign Economic Relations with Partners in Iran visited Tehran with an IT Mission.


The Rights of Young People in the Online Environment

On December 20, MGIMO of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in conjunction with the Center for Global IT Cooperation held a Forum for the Protection of the Rights of Children and Youth in the Digital Environment “Internet for Youth: Opportunities and Risks”.