Happy Birthday, CGITC!

December is a special month for our Center. This year the Center for Global IT-Cooperation is celebrating its first birthday. During our first year we have already managed to achieve considerable success!


Center joined the Digital Childhood Ethics Charter

The Center for Global IT-Cooperation has joined the Digital Childhood Ethics Charter, which was developed by the Alliance for Protection of Children in the Digital Environment.


International approaches to artificial intelligence

The Center for Global IT-Cooperation (Center) took part in the MGIMO conference on artificial intelligence “AI global dimension 2021: from discussion to practice”. The event was organized with the support of the MGIMO Center for Artificial Intelligence and the Department of Digital Economy and Artificial Intelligence of the ADV group of companies (Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence).


Digital rights were discussed in Moscow

The main threats for Russia on the Internet are “the formation of a digital space with the participation of foreign actors”, advancements in the spheres of education, culture, especially with “the use of foreign services and methods”.


UN Internet Governance Forum ended in Poland

In the Polish city of Katowice the XVI UN Internet Governance Forum has finished its work. The main theme and motto of the event was “Internet United” - an open, free Internet that unites all its users into a single community. An Internet that respects the rights of every user.


Youth Digital Ombudsman spoke at UN Forum

On December 10, at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the session “All we need is YOUth: connecting young people and ICT” was held, where the newly created institute of the Youth Digital Ombudsman (YDO) in Russia was presented.


Digital platforms regulation issues were discussed at IGF

On December 9, during the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Poland, there was held a main session on the best practices of digital space regulation. The track on the developed regulatory measures is one of the crucial ones in IGF-2021.


The second day of IGF ended in Poland

Today, December 7, the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was officially opened in Poland.