Size of personal data leak determined in the law on turnover-based fines

Companies will be subject to turnover-based fines only if the personal data of 10,000 or more citizens leak.


Yandex to change the main page after closing the deal with VK

A search engine will become the core of the new page of This page will provide links to Yandex.Mail and other Yandex services. It will no longer include the news section, since the company is selling both the news service and the Zen blogging platform to VK.


Threats facing metaverse players

Virtual reality technologies, which are used, inter alia, in metaverses, allow to collect an enormous amount of personal data in record time, according to a study by the Technical University of Munich and University of California, Berkeley, experts.


AI and international cooperation: New research directions for the Russian scientific community

On August 16, a session organized in association with the Center for Global IT-Cooperation and titled “International Cooperation in the Field of AI: Russia’s Integration Policy with regard to Artificial Intelligence” was held at the International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2022.”


CGITC participated in a pre-planned T20 event

On August 11, 2022, CGITC representatives participated in yet another pre-planned Think20 (T20) event, which was a workshop on “Meaningful Digital Connectivity, Cyber Security, Empowerment.”


Russian scientists taught artificial intelligence to help diagnose disease

Scientists at Sechenov University taught artificial intelligence to help doctors to determine diagnoses. The new digital method of treatment will likely allow to reduce patients’ treatment duration by 20 %.


Russian Ministry of Digital Development building a talent pool of IT professionals

IT specialists from Moscow and other Russian regions can be included in a talent pool of highly qualified managers and digital transformation experts.


Firm faith in new software markets

Russian developers are eyeing the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.