“For a Safe Digital Childhood” award submissions deadline extended to April 20!

Almost 700 projects have applied for the awards established by the Alliance for the Protection of Children in the Digital Environment—“For a Safe Digital Childhood.” At the request of participants, the award submissions deadline has been extended. You can share your ideas and propose techniques for making the Internet most helpful to and safe for the younger generation until April 20 inclusive.


Data and Algorithms: Ethical Issues

The Global IT Cooperation Center participated in the International Conference on Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies Data Fusion, held in Moscow on April 13-14.


Online windmills: Diving into the dark web

“There are no fish at the bottom of the well,” some people will say. However, there will be at least one person to test this belief. A darknet is a kind of a well, which many are willing to jump into to catch some fish (among other things). But what is it that’s waiting for users at its bottom?


The Center hosted a roundtable discussion on building an IT business in the Chinese market.

A round table discussion "Russia - China”: How to Start an IT Project on the New Market", organized by the Center for Global IT Cooperation, was held on April 13 in Moscow. It was devoted to the recommendations for Russian IT companies willing to enter the Asian, mainly Chinese, market and the pitfalls they may encounter on their way. The experience of doing business in Russia was shared by representatives of Chinese digital companies.


RIGF-2023: Final Day

The XIIIth Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF-2023) is over. On the second and final day of the event, participants discussed issues such as the risks of the digital environment for children and youth, labor market demands in the digital economy, new opportunities for technology development in medicine, and the role of youth in Internet governance.


RIGF-2023: Day 1

The first day of the 13th Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF-2023) has passed. Speakers and guests at the forum had time to discuss several interesting topics, including the role of the state and the individual in the new digital age, evolving technologies, digital sovereignty, and the fight against disinformation on the Internet.


IT volunteers: Voluntary intellectual assistance

The last few years have seen a boom in volunteer movements in Russia. People have been helping animal shelters, children’s homes, older persons, homeless people, and socially vulnerable groups. Intellectual volunteering holds a special place among the volunteer corps activities. Few people know that one of them is IT assistance, perhaps one the most unconventional kinds of free professional help.


Enter IT: the supply of female programmers in the Russian labor market is growing.

Women are posting more and more resumes in the IT field, which is traditionally considered more popular among men, according to statistics. This is related to the change of tasks in the industry, which allows women to work more efficiently than men, according to the employers' assessment.