Global data centers are unprepared for the climate crisis

Data centers of major technology companies located in the USA and Europe went offline due to overheating, cutting off user access to key services.


“Matrix of Needs” for IT solutions to be submitted to the Commission on Digital Development

The document identifies Russian IT solutions needed to substitute the imported ones as well as the fields requiring attention.


Russia eyeing global neon gas market

Russia has launched its own production of high-purity neon at Bauman Moscow State Technical University.


Keys to token regulations tried out

The Ministry of Economic Development joined the process of elaborating NFT regulations.


Major companies aspire to the new role of online advertising record keepers

Yandex, VK, Ozon, MTS, VimpelCom, and a company within the National Media Group (NMG) are ready to become advertising data operators that will provide information regarding all advertising campaigns on Runet. Platforms may find themselves charged for the companies’ services.


TikTok owner recruiting engineers to design in-house chips

ByteDance, a Chinese company best known for its app TikTok, is building a new unit dedicated to designing in-house computer chips.


Center participates in the AI Ethics Summer School at Innopolis University

The AIETHICS Summer School takes place July 2–12 at Innopolis University.


European Parliament adopted important digital-related acts

The European Parliament adopted the Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA).