CGITC took part in Digital Innopolis Days 2022 events

On November 24–26, 2022, a forum dedicated to digital transformation in education, business and public administration, Digital Innopolis Days (DID), was held at Innopolis University.


On the EU’s Digital Services Act entering into force

On November 16, 2022, the Digital Services Act (DSA) entered into force in the European Union.


EU countries agreed on the declaration on digital rights and principles

The European Parliament, member states of the European Union and the European Commission agreed on the declaration on digital rights and principles prepared earlier by the Commission.


MediaTek redistributing commissions

MediaTek is willing to partially outsource processor production to U.S. companies Intel and GlobalFoundries, which will be commissioned to manufacture integrated circuits that are not quite cutting-edge, such as chips for routers and smart TVs, whereas the most innovative chips will still be produced by Taiwan’s TSMC.


The Center spoke on international practices in child online protection

On November 7–11, International Forum “World Quality Day – 2022,” which is a unique discussion platform centering around the topics of quality, effectiveness and sustainable development, is being held in Moscow.


Clicks under control: How dark patterns influence our decision-making

Website designs allow companies to hide their true agenda and manipulate.


Roskomnadzor searching for truth

The agency is planning to test a video lie detection system.


I All-Russian Youth Internet Security School concluded

The I All-Russian Youth Internet Security School took place on October 20–23 at the Malyushina Dacha countryside complex.