Touch the Future of Professions and Neurotechnology at Youth RIGF Master Classes!

Is it true that widespread automation will soon rob us of our jobs? Will neurotechnology be able to extend the capabilities of the human brain, connecting it to the Internet and integrating people's nervous systems?


Vote for The Forum Anthem

An anthem will be presented to the Youth Internet Governance Forum on April 6 to unite the youth digital community. A call for anthem submissions was open until March 30.


Roman Chukov Comments on the Forum

The first Russian Youth Internet Governance Forum (Youth RIGF) will be held on April 6 at Skoltech. It will result in the adoption of a "youth message" which will reflect youth's vision of the future of the Web and will be made available to the Russian and global Internet community.


Social Elevators for Youth RIGF Participants: Rosmolodezh Grants for Forum Projects

More than 90 applications have been officially submitted for the Youth RIGF award.


Top Experts, IT Leaders, Government Representatives and Bloggers to Speak to Youth RIGF Sections

A full list of speakers for all four sections was made public one week before the start of the Youth Internet Governance Forum (Youth RIGF).


Registration is open for the First Youth Internet Governance Forum 4

Registration for the First Youth Internet Governance Forum is open


Alexey Natekin: «Evolution Leads To More Specialising»

The First Russian Youth Internet Governance Forum is to take place on the 6th of April in Skoltech.


Young Generation Elects IT Leader

The digital youth ombudsman preliminary election has begun. A digital youth ombudsman is a public leader whose job it is to represent and protect young people in the digital environment.