Eastern miracle: Themes and the most memorable moments of the EEF 2022

Soft currency usage for international transactions, challenges facing the aircraft industry and inbound tourism prospects became the main themes of the event.


Russia in Asia: Prospects for cooperation between domestic IT businesses and Eastern neighbors

The prospects of the implementation of Russian-Asian projects in the field of ICT and the growth of cross-border e-commerce with Asia, creating marketing, legal and consultancy bases for Russian ICT businesses to enter Asian markets, the ways to elevate the level of technological and educational partnerships with Eastern counterparts, and other topics were discussed at the session “The Eastward Turn: Technological and Strategic Cooperation with Asian Countries in the New Economic Era,” which was organized by the Center for Global IT-Cooperation and held on September 8 at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok.


Eurasian cooperation in the new reality

Director of the Center for Global IT-Cooperation Vadim Glushchenko spoke at the “Strategic Technology Alliances: A New Imperative for Business Cooperation in Eurasia” session of the 7th Eastern Economic Forum 2022 on September 7.


Metamorphoses of Russia’s technological sovereignty

Participants of the “Winning in Technological Development” session, which was held on September 6 at the Eastern Economic Forum, discussed the measures that should be implemented in order to transition from technological survival to technological sovereignty.


Export not import: Russian software eager to step out into the world

Over the past six months, the Russian IT industry has undergone dramatic change. Companies have had to transform their business models and adjust to new conditions.


CGITC participated in the EEF 2022 with a report on AI

The APEC Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education in Asia-Pacific Region (APEC CCHE 2022) started today at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok.


Events of the main EEF program start in Vladivostok

On September 6, the main program of the Eastern Economic Forum starts in Vladivostok.


Eastern Economic Forum 2022 to open up new ways to develop the macroregion

Today the Eastern Economic Forum 2022 (EEF 2022), one of the key tools used to develop the Russian Far East and Arctic, will start in Vladivostok.