You should stay aware on the Internet: the digital rights of the youth have been discussed at the Forum in Moscow

On November 25, 2021, the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) hosted the Forum on Protecting the Rights of Children and Youth in the Digital Environment “Internet for Youth: Opportunities and Risks”, organized with the help of the Center for Global IT-Cooperation and sponsored by Rosmolodezh.


Yandex will develop a unified standard for a smart home together with Apple and Google

Yandex has joined an international working group for the development of Matter, a unified protocol for a smart home.


Participants of the Russian and China Media Forum agreed to fight disinformation on the Internet

The parties also pointed out the importance of raising the qualifications of young specialists in the field of international communications.


Moscow becomes the world’s runner-up in the development of startup ecosystems

The Moscow government won the WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards 2021, competition in the field of information technology, taking second place among government agencies in the Startup Ecosystem nomination.


Russia follows the trend of global digital transformation

The Center for Global IT-Cooperation took part in the 17th All-Russian Tax Forum which was held in Moscow by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on November 9-10, 2021.


World networks. Why do the developed nations try to regulate the Internet?

For a long time, the Internet was a global space, not subject to laws. But over time, it acquired borders: what was allowed in one country could be prosecuted in another.


The Center takes part in the ai journey conference

On November 10-12, one of the key events of the year of science and technology in Russia, the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis AI Journey, is being held online. The main organizer is Sberbank.


About 69% of Russian students have faced cyberbulling at least one time

November 11th marks the Day of Combating Cyberbullying. That date was established at the initiative of VK. The project unites everyone for whom violence in the network and outside it is unacceptable.