Leading financial experts discussed the importance of digital and financial literacy promotion among young professionals

The session “Promoting Financial and Digital Literacy among Young Professionals” was held at SPIEF 2021. Experts from authorities and public organizations modeled their vision of the topic and opened new horizons for cooperation via free and open exchange of views.


Global IT: Growth Resources

IT is moving towards companies’ being able to complement each other completely


SPIEF session on digital sovereignty and cyber security

The session "Digital Sovereignty and Cybersecurity" was held as part of the SPIEF on Friday


The right to privacy in the world of BIG DATA

Do the limits of a private life need to be redefined in the new context, or have they remained unchanged? How can compliance with legal and ethical standards on social media be regulated, and is this desirable?


Center to participate in SPIEF 2021

Director of the Center for Global IT Cooperation Vadim Glushchenko and Digital Youth Ombudsperson Dmitry Gulyaev will become speakers of the session ‘Expanding the possibilities of digital development for the youth’ at the XXIV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), which this year is held from 2 to 5 June. They will speak on the last working day of the Forum, June 5th.


Entrepreneurship and Employment in the Age of Giganomics

Regulation needed for increasingly popular platform employment


Maintaining a Single Digital Landscape in the Face of a Struggle for Digital Sovereignty

Private online corporations have changed relations between nations


SPIEF-2021 to focus on future of post-pandemic world

The event in St. Petersburg will be visited by about 2,000 foreign participants representing 53 nations