Digital tax for foreign companies will bring over $ 100 million to the Russian budget

The tax on the income of foreign IT companies in Russia will bring to the budget from $53 million to $103 million a year, the PwC agency calculated at the request of the Ministry of Digital Development. The Ministry wants to use this money to help domestic companies.


Expert potential of the Center is demanded within the framework of membership in the ITU

ITU Infosession "Technological priorities of the CIS countries: networks 2030, quantum communication, cybersecurity. Development, testing and standardization" and a meeting of the working group on work with ITU under the RCC Commission for the Coordination of International Cooperation were held at the Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SPBSUT) on August 25-26.


Khinshtein supported the idea of criminal liability for the creation of swap number services

At the same time, the parliamentarian clarified that the relevant amendments have not yet been received by the the State Duma Committee on Information Policy.


Humanitarian and sociocultural aspects of development and application of artificial intelligence technologies

On August 22, the conference "Humanitarian and socio-cultural aspects of the development and application of artificial intelligence technologies" was held.


Ministry of Digital Development to provide Rosstat with the resources of a unified cloud space for storing data

The possibility of integrating the platform with the portal of public services is also being considered, which will make it easier for respondents to provide reporting.


Russian citizens will be able to reject the digital passport

The ministry will not insist on the mandatory replacement of traditional paper passports with plastic cards. Russian citizens will be able to abandon the transition to a digital passport and continue to use the classic paper passports. Previously, the authorities proposed to stop issuing paper passports from 2022.


Ecosystem analysis: FAS developed five principles for the operation of digital platforms

How the reform will affect the future development of online giants.


Center and HSE conducted a joint study

Center for Global IT-Cooperation and the Faculty of Law of the Higher School of Economics have developed an analytical review of foreign practice in countering the distribution of illegal (destructive) content on the Internet.