Government made it easier for IT specialists to get preferential mortgages

Government made it easier for IT specialists to get preferential mortgages

While the preferential mortgage rate will stay at 5 % per annum, income requirements will be softened.

“Income requirements are getting softened, since what will be taken into account is not only the primary employment income but also the one from secondary employment,” specified Mr. Mishustin, as cited by Kommersant. 

According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, more than 50 thousand IT industry employees will be able to benefit from preferential mortgage requirements in 2022–2024.

New rules and requirements:

- In Moscow, the required minimum salary stays at 150 thousand rubles before personal income tax; in cities with a population of more than 1 million, it is 120 thousand rubles; in other regions, more than 70 thousand rubles.

- The period of employment in an accredited company must last no less than five years.

- The income will be determined by the place of employment stated in the employment contract.

- One will be allowed to obtain a preferential mortgage within six months of being dismissed (it used to be three months). 

In summer, the Ministry of Digital Development proposed to change the preferential mortgage requirements imposed upon IT industry employees and decrease the mortgage rate from 5 to 3 %. In September, major Russian banks reporteddeclining demand for the preferential mortgage, experts pointing out overstated requirements imposed upon both borrowers and employers.