Russian authorities have defined what is artificial intelligence

Russian authorities have defined what is artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence?

The Ministry of Economic Development has determined the criteria for projects that can be attributed to the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The order to this matter was published on July 29, 2021, on the portal of legal information and on August 2, information appeared on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development that the order came into force. According to this document, the AI ​​sphere will include projects aimed at the development, creation and implementation of computer vision technologies, natural language processing, speech recognition and synthesis, intelligent decision support systems, and promising AI methods.

The promising AI methods in accordance with the national strategy include an autonomous solution to various problems, automatic design of physical objects, autonomous machine learning, information processing based on new types of computing systems, etc.

The criterion for the effectiveness of projects in these areas will be the creation and scaling of new software or hardware systems, the creation of a new electronic component base, processing of data sets, the introduction of special tools and solutions for developers of AI technologies, the document states.

What tasks should AI solve?

Among the list of technological tasks that a project in the field of computer vision can be aimed at is the recognition and identification of objects in the environment, including for security and safety systems. In addition, AI must identify objects of "virtual and augmented reality" and psychographic and emotional analysis of the behaviour of people and animals based on video analytics systems. The scope of computer vision also includes monitoring the progress of the production process and recognizing product defects.

Natural language processing projects can focus on finding and classifying different types of entities in the text, including company names and personalities. AI can also be used for dynamic sense recognition, including for the implementation of an automatic simultaneous translation system and the extraction of the most important information from the context and the synthesis of unique texts to create assistants for semi-automatic content generation (subtitles, annotations for images and videos).

Speech recognition and synthesis involve the creation of multitasking conversational assistants, speech authentication, including verification of the speaker's identity, recognition of complex semantic structures, slang for finding hidden content and meaning. Projects in this area involve the creation of tools that can manage emotions and semantic constructions, including for the purpose of automatic reading of works of art.

Intelligent decision support systems are aimed at the analysis that will predict situations and automate decision making in real-time. Also, projects in this area can be aimed at assessing the quality of machine learning models without testing in a real environment, simulating the behaviour of a participant in the market for goods, works and services, training personnel and building a personalized career or educational trajectories.

Advanced AI methods will be aimed at developing methods for creating universal AI, as well as finding solutions to problems in conditions of distortion, absence or loss of relevance of historical data.

AI projects will receive grants

The aforementioned projects will be eligible for grant support from the Innovation Promotion Fund and the Skolkovo Foundation. In total, the federal project includes about 12 billion rubles to support solutions in the field of AI as a part of the implementation of the federal project "Artificial Intelligence", according to the portal of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The Fund for the Promotion of Innovation has already launched a competition for relevant programs, for example, grants for the commercialization of AI solutions. In 2021, 140 Russian AI projects will receive 1.2 billion rubles from the state.