AI Journey conference opened in Moscow

AI Journey conference opened in Moscow

On the first day, speakers will discuss in keynote talks format global trends in AI technologies, large language models, applications of AI in neural networks, and generative models. In addition, there will be lectures by experts in advanced technologies as well as workshops and master classes.

Experts will discuss the application of AI technologies in business (AI Journey Business) on the second day. The theme of artificial intelligence development in transportation, industry, medicine, creativity, finance, development, agriculture, etc. will be raised. Recommender systems, robotics, and other knowledge domains will also be discussed.

The role of AI in creating innovative solutions in ESG and for the benefit of society will be a key theme on the final day of the conference. The impact of AI on climate, energy transition, biodiversity, education and social issues will be addressed in the ESG track. 

You can follow the broadcast on the website.