Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles Signed in Europe

Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles Signed in Europe

The main objective of the Declaration is a safe, secure and sustainable digital transformation that puts human rights first. With the Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles, the EU aims to protect European values by: 

• Putting people at the heart of digital transformation;
• Promoting solidarity and inclusion through connectivity, digital education, training and skills, fair and equitable working conditions and access to digital public services;
• Ensuring the importance of freedom of choice and a fair digital environment;
• Encouraging participation in the digital public space;
• Enhancing the safety, security and empowerment of individuals, and promoting the sustainability of the digital future, in particular for young people;
• Promoting sustainability. 

These rights and principles mean affordable and high-speed digital connectivity everywhere and for everyone, well-equipped classrooms and digitally literate teachers, seamless access to public services online, a safe digital environment for children, and control over who users' personal information is shared with.

To read the full text of the Declaration in Russian, follow the link.