The Digital Childhood Ethic Charter was signed by the first foreign participant

The Digital Childhood Ethic Charter was signed by the first foreign participant

OpenLink Group is a full-service Serbian agency that provides a range of quality services in the domestic and foreign markets of information and communication technologies. The mission of the company is to provide support to legal entities and individuals in the IT, marketing and creative industries for the development of favorable economic conditions in the Republic of Serbia.

The Digital Childhood Ethic Charter was presented in November 2021. It was developed by nine of Russia's largest companies in the IT and media industry, who previously founded the Alliance for the Protection of Children in the Digital Environment. The Charter provides a guide for action for organizations, companies and associations working with children, and contains values ​​and rules of conduct designed to unite and coordinate efforts to ensure a child-friendly and safe digital environment. 

The Charter is based on 5 key principles:

·      respect for the child as an individual;

·      joint responsibility of all participants for the safety of children in the digital environment;

·      maintaining confidentiality (protection of personal data of children, personal and family secrets);

·      inclusive approach;

·      preservation of value orientations in the online space. 

Voluntary adherence to these principles will increase the level of digital literacy and protect children from potential threats on the Internet. Representatives of the state, business, specialized and public institutions and organizations, associations of teachers and parents who are able to contribute to the common mission can join the Charter.

«Protecting children and youth online is one of the biggest global security challenges. We must act on two fronts: helping children get the most out of the Internet and preventing online violence. The rights of the child, which are guaranteed by the relevant UN Convention, must certainly be respected in the digital environment,» said Milos Jovanovic, President of OpenLink Group Serbia, commenting on joining the Charter.

Initiatives like the Childhood Digital Ethic Charter reflect universal human values. As one of the leading cybersecurity companies in South East Europe, OpenLink Group Serbia considers such initiatives to be very important. «Many online threats can lead to tragic consequences for children. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Russian Alliance can make a significant contribution to creating a safe online environment for children. And we are pleased to be the first foreign IT company to join the Charter to work with our Russian counterparts to achieve this noble goal,» Jovanovic concluded.