The Center took part in Russian Open Source Summit

The Center took part in Russian Open Source Summit

The event was attended not only by developers, programmers and just enthusiasts, but also by representatives of government agencies. The summit touched upon such topics as creating conditions for the development and implementation of Open Source technology in Russia, reducing dependence on foreign software, the conditions for promoting the best Russian developments in the international arena and the processes of digital transformation of the Russian economy and optimization of government spending using the Open Source model.

The focus was on the draft strategy for the development and use of software based on open source in Russia until 2024. The document involves the development of national versions of the relevant international standards, as well as the creation of a trusted cloud service of public repositories with Open Source solutions. The strategy is expected to enhance the role of Russian developers in global projects.

Commenting on the document, Deputy Minister of Digital Development Maksim Parshin said that the state should become an active consumer of open source IT products, which will contribute to both the digital transformation of government agencies and technological independence. He added that in the near future a list of priorities for support tools in the field of Open Source should be drawn up, as has already been done in the IT industry.

One of the main problems that worried the forum participants: how can OS projects be developed in Russia if our companies are constantly faced with sanctions risks, including the threat of being “disconnected” from international platforms? This issue was actively discussed within the section “Open source as a tool for global technological cooperation: what should be the recipe?” 

“On a global scale, Russia cannot be sanctioned because the world will not be able to continue to follow the Sustainable Development Goals, since they are unachievable without Russia. The metrics of how Open Source projects contribute to sustainable development don't have to be done by the developers themselves, but ordinary experts can do it as well. With these metrics, OS projects from Russia will become convenient for financing for those who want to "repair", so to speak, their "karma". Therefore, metrics are the structure of the participation of financiers in OS projects, and the structure of where the entire industry is heading,” noted Andrey Kuleshov.