The Centre Participated In the Smart Russia 2023 Congress

The Centre Participated In the Smart Russia 2023 Congress

At the plenary session, experts noted the need to enhance the role of man in the management of complex sociotechnical systems, the emphasis was on strengthening Russia's national subjectivity in the international arena.
The participants expressed the opinion that the monopolization of the digital environment by a small number of IT giants does not meet the realities of the new world. There is a need to involve more countries in the development of technology and to define strategic guidelines for the development of digital innovations.

Andrey Ignatiev, Head of the Analytical Department of the Center for Global IT Cooperation, took part in the "Socio-Humanitarian Aspects Of the Introduction Of Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence" session. In his report titled "Man In the Digital Environment. The Ontology Of the Virtual. Hybrid Intelligence. Designing the Future and Managed Co-development" he outlined the most relevant areas of development of intelligent systems:

1. Development of an ontology system for third-order socio-humanitarian cybernetics;
2. Socio-humanitarian expertise and comprehensive assessment of the impact of AI technologies (man, society, nature and planet, economy);
3. Development of convergent synergetically oriented, interdisciplinary methodologies to solve problems of high complexity in the design of AI models.

On the final day of its work, the Congress plans to develop and agree on a resolution in which it will express the main recommendations on what should be the response of man and society to modern technological challenges.