The Center takes part in the ai journey conference

The Center takes part in the ai journey conference

The conference brings together representatives from international organizations, business, academia and technical experts, including renowned global industry experts, who talk about the future of AI. Experts are to discuss a wide range of issues: from the role of new technologies in the field of ESG and sustainable development and the impact of AI on public life in general to the latest innovations in the field. 

Experts-analysts of the Center for Global IT-Cooperation – Andrey Ignatiev, Andrey Kuleshov and Anna Abramova - took part in the section “Ethics and regulation of AI: a conversation with scientists”. Other participants of the discussion were Viktor Naumov, Managing Partner of Dentons; Valery Karpov, Head of the Robotics Laboratory at the Kurchatov Institute; Evgeny Styrin, Head of the International Laboratory for Digital Transformation in Public Administration at the Higher School of Economics; Ekaterina Potapova, Analyst at the Center for Training Leaders and Teams of Digital Transformation of the RANEPA; Alexander Savelyev, Academic Supervisor Master's program “Digital Law” at the Higher School of Economics; Alexey Minbaleev, Head of the Department of Information Law and Digital Technologies at Moscow State Law Academy and Roman Dremlyuga, Deputy Director for Development of FEFU. The moderator was Andrey Neznamov, Executive Director for Regulation of AI Technologies of Sberbank.

The speakers discussed the most pressing and burning issues in the field of ethics, including ensuring transparency and privacy in the process of technology development, as well as the basic principles and documents of soft law in the field of AI. Participants noted the need for the early formation of a common terminology and conceptual framework, which are of key importance in matters of responsibility and accountability, as well as in the development of common international standards. Particular attention was paid to the prospect of imparting subjectivity to artificial intelligence systems.

Records of the section “AI Ethics and Regulation: A Conversation with Scientists”, as well as other events of the conference, can be found on the AI ​​Journey website.