The Center took part in the RANS Conference

The Center took part in the RANS Conference

The Conference was held to mark hot topics of ICT infrastructure development, enhancement of regulatory and legal framework as well as issues of import phase-out and export-orientedness. The event was traditionally attended by government officials, representatives of telecommunications companies, research institutes and other industry organizations.

Director of the Center for Global IT Cooperation Vadim Glushchenko addressed the "International Cooperation in Trust Building and Security in using ICT" round table. He told about the Center activities as an "integration point" of proposals of the Russian expert community to the Global Digital Compact – the Initiative of the UN Secretary General, which aims to lay down the general guidelines of an open, free and secure digital future for everyone. The Director of the Center reminded of the imminent ending of the proposing process powered by the specialized UN platform and called on all Russian experts who are interested in working on the international digital track to contribute to the development of consolidated proposals.

Vadim Glushchenko also put wise about the preparations for the next UN Internet Governance Forum, one of important multilateral platforms where the topic of the Global Digital Compact was actively discussed. This year it will be held in Kyoto (Japan) from October 18 to 23.

"Despite the ambiguity of the initiative concerning the Global Digital Compact and the whole host of issues about its future goals and objectives, it makes sense to use this opportunity to reflect the interests of Russian users and organizations in the future document," he concluded.