The Center took part in the Baltic Forum BF-NAICS 2021

The Center took part in the Baltic Forum BF-NAICS 2021

The Forum aims to promote active interaction of specialists in various fields of science both at the national and international levels. The event was attended by leading world and Russian scientists, as well as young researchers working in the following disciplines: complexity theory, neurotechnology and neurobiology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, nonlinear dynamics, self-organizing systems, brain-computer interfaces, biological and medical applications of control theory, communications and transport, controlled systems in physics, dynamics and control of complex networks, thermodynamic control, ecosystems and climate control, social networks, control of quantum systems, intelligent robotics.

On September 14, in the section “Artificial Intelligence”, a report was presented on the problems of the development of hybrid intelligence. The report reveals the main ideas of the scientific publication “Co-evolutionary hybrid intelligence”, the authors of which were representatives of Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” (Kirill Krinkin, Yulia Shichkina) and head of the analytical department of the Center for Global IT Cooperation Andrey Ignatiev.

In the publication the authors develop the idea of ​​improving approaches to the development of intelligent systems. Experts believe that the traditional approach, predominantly focused on data, has a number of limitations, including those associated with the modeling of complex objects and processes, with huge costs of computational and energy resources, etc.

The research also highlights the prospects for creating systems based on the interaction of man and machine. Such a process, in particular, can provide additional development opportunities and a certain co-evolution.