Center and RITDF signed a memorandum of understanding

Center and RITDF signed a memorandum of understanding

The Center for Global IT-Cooperation and RITDF are planning to hold joint field-specific activities, participate jointly in the development of instruments for the IT industry and prepare solution implementation proposals. 

“The RITDF being such an influential member of the Russian expert community, our collaboration opens up new opportunities and allows us to combine efforts, among other things, in human capacity development of Russia’s IT industry. We are planning to work in close collaboration with the foundation in the program for training digital attaches who will soon start working in several countries. I’m sure that we will be mutually helpful in both information and analytics and other joint projects,” Director of the Center for Global IT-Cooperation Vadim Glushchenko said. 

“Future joint work will focus, among other things, on stimulating IT-cooperation, creating IT communities, and developing appropriate approaches and initiatives. Now that we’re facing the accelerated substitution of the solutions created by the Western vendors that have withdrawn from the market for domestic software, there are problems that can be solved more efficiently if coordinated IT teams are involved in the process. This will help to develop breakthrough Russian solutions able to compete with foreign counterparts on the global market significantly faster,” General Director of the RITDF Alexander Pavlov added.

Russian Information Technology Development Foundation (RITDF) is the operator of state support measures of Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development. IT solutions development and implementation grants are allocated as part of the “Digital Economy” national program.