Face pay technology: testing a new system

Face pay technology: testing a new system

Face Pay technology is based on "smart" video surveillance, which is installed at all stations. The neural network that interprets the video, among other things, is able to determine the identity of the passenger if his portrait is included in any database. Face Pay is based on the updated Moscow Metro application, where all citizens will soon be able to upload their photos and link a bank card.

The camera in front of the turnstile will determine the identity of its owner, and the payment system will write off the money from the credit card. In the metro every second is expensive, and with Face Pay, you don't need to spend extra moments looking for the right card in your pockets. Getting ready for work will also become easier: even if you leave behind the Troika or bank plastic, you will still get on the metro, because your face is always with you.

"Metro employees are already using this service and have made more than a million successful passes at the station, - said Deputy Mayor Maxim Liksutov. - We will test this technology gradually, from line to line, the first will be Filevskaya." To sign up for a team of testers, it is enough to fill out a questionnaire on the website facepay.mosmetro.ru. A letter with detailed instructions and assignments should come in two days. But the outline is clear now. To pay with Face Pay, you need to download a test version of Moscow Metro. There will be a corresponding section linking your selfie and bank cards of different systems.

Everyone passing Face Pay saves his time and at the same time helps to increase the metro's throughput, which is especially important during rush hours. After all, a separate side turnstile is allocated at each station for the "paying face". The group of testers, as noted in the Department of Transport, should be expanded in the near future. The department expects that all the necessary tests with passengers at all stations will be successful and by the end of the year everyone will be able to use Face Pay.