Collection of Expert Articles 2024 (information for authors)

Collection of Expert Articles 2024 (information for authors)

In 2024, the Centre for Global IT Cooperation will host a number of thematic sessions at national and international Internet Governance Forums:

  • The 14th RIGF 2024 - Russian Internet Governance Forum will be held on April 10-11, 2024 in Moscow. Speakers and participants will discuss topical issues of global network development and Internet governance, including preparations for the WSIS+20 meeting to be held in May 2024, the 30th anniversary of the .RU domain, and others.
  • Digital Youth Forum — April 5, 2024, Moscow (organized by the Centre for Global IT Cooperation)
  • 18th edition of the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF Riyadh 2024) – December 15-19, 2024, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

For this series of events, the Centre plans to publish a thematic collection of expert articles by Russian and foreign authors on a wide range of issues within the scope of Internet governance.

The topics of the collection of articles will cover various issues directly or indirectly related to the issues of Internet development: current challenges in the field of information space and digital economy, the problem of implementation and use of end-to-end technologies, tasks and measures to strengthen the IT industry. The authors can be degree holders, postgraduate students, master's students, bachelor's students or other experts and researchers.

The author's texts will be presented in "INTERNET TODAY AND TOMORROW", a separate polygraphic publication produced by the Centre. The collection will be placed in the RINC database. A similar collection of 2023 can be found on the Centre's website, as well as on the resource of the Scientific Electronic Library.

As published works are collected, consideration will be given to translating the texts into English.

The presentation of the collection will take place at relevant sessions of Russian forums, including possible participation of the authors, and will be pre-arranged and included in the agenda of the events. The Centre will also undertake the issues of information distribution and promotion of the collection in Russian and foreign media.

Collection of articles: objectives of the initiative of the Centre for Global IT Cooperation

  • intensify discussion on the development of the Internet, digital technologies and the information environment in Russia and internationally
  • strengthen coordination among specialists - Collection as a tool for inter-institutional dialogue
  • enrich the research base on the implementation and use of end-to-end technologies
  • identify and analyze current challenges
  • identify priority tasks for strengthening the Russian segment of the Internet and the IT industry as a whole
  • develop balanced positions and priorities for Russia's effective participation in international co-operation in modern conditions

Possible different content emphases of articles:

  • synthesis of factual basis, overview information
  • useful analytics
  • risk and threat identification
  • useful international experience
  • ideas, suggestions and recommendations
  • conceptualization and national approach
  • assessments, forecasts and perspectives

Examples of article topics for RIGF Collection 2024:

  • management and regulatory system in any of the areas of digitalization - challenges and solutions
  • Internet development - infrastructure, technologies, software
  • development of global IT cooperation, international cooperation, international organizations, negotiation process
  • Global Digital Compact - UNGDC
  • Internet fragmentation
  • role of actors and their interaction in the IT sector: government - business - society
  • development of the digital economy - trends, analyses, forecasts
  • problems of cyber security and critical infrastructure protection
  • protection of users, counteraction of the spread of destructive content — analysis of risks and threats
  • equal opportunities, discrimination, human rights, soft law instruments
  • global digital tax, fines, sanctions, restrictive measures
  • new technologies in education, medicine, public sector
  • decentralized applications and Web 3.0
  • artificial intelligence, deepfakes, blockchain, etc.

Article submission guidelines: approximate length: 3-5 pages, font: Times New Roman, size: 12, spacing: 1.15. The article should contain a list of used materials and formalized references.

The collection accepts previously unpublished articles.

The deadline for submission of the fair copy of the article is March 7, 2024. Please contact us and submit a letter of intent in advance for publication planning.

All experts wishing to join the project are kindly requested to contact us at the contacts below and, if possible, to distribute this information among colleagues potentially interested in participating. Prepared materials should be sent to: r.shamraev@cgitc.ruinfo@cgitc.ru.