RIGF 2022: Programme discussions

RIGF 2022: Programme discussions

The Center for Global IT-Cooperation, as one of the organizers of the event, invites the Internet community and other interested parties to submit their ideas for topics for discussion at the RIGF 2022 sections. This can be done until December 15, 2021 using a special form on the forum website.

Topics will be grouped according to the following key areas of RIGF 2022:

·      Internet governance

·      Economy

·      Regulation

·      Cybersecurity

·      International cooperation

·      New technologies

We are confident that the Internet community will be able to fill the discussions at the forum with relevant content, and we look forward to the active participation of interested parties in fleshing out issues for discussion at the sessions. 

The RIGF 2022 programьу will also take into account the global trends announced at the global IGF, which will be held in a hybrid format on December 6-10 in Katowice (Poland).