Touch the Future of Professions and Neurotechnology at Youth RIGF Master Classes!

Touch the Future of Professions and Neurotechnology at Youth RIGF Master Classes!
These and other questions will be discussed by Youth RIGF participants during the master classes given by our experts, Alexei Natekin, founder of Open DataScience, and Vasily Klyucharev, director of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at Higher School of Economics.

"Legend has it that soon enough robots and artificial intelligence will replace all of us by automating our professions and taking them away from us. We will examine this theory by visiting both sides of the barricades," promises A. Natekin. - During our small session we will become both the evil automators of all mankind and designers of future professions, and we will also talk about trends in training people and machines".

The possibilities, advantages and dangers from the newest technologies will be described (and some of them even demonstrated!) to the forum participants by V. Klyucharev: "Neurotechnology already allows creating systems that are compatible with human nervous tissue. The existing developments allow paralyzed people to interact with the world around them using artificial prostheses connected directly to the brain. Modern technology can copy people's movements and intentions, implemented by avatars or robots located at any place on the planet. But will they allow us extract any information from our brain activity or put it there?"

The master classes will be broadcast and made available to all registered online participants. Be sure to submit your application online at http://youth.rigf.ru/#apply by the end of April 4!