“For a Safe Digital Childhood” award submissions deadline extended to April 20!

“For a Safe Digital Childhood” award submissions deadline extended to April 20!

“Based on the number of applications submitted by people from different corners of our country, the topic of child safety online is pressing indeed. First and foremost, for minor users themselves, who have proposed a lot of original tips on how to counter cyberbullying, avoid falling into scammers’ traps, and get the full benefit of the Internet,” stressed Elizaveta Belyakova, Chairperson of the Alliance for the Protection of Children in the Digital Environment. “As projects are still being submitted, we made the decision to extend the award submissions deadline. All ideas and proposals will be carefully examined by the Expert Commission. The awards will, no doubt, provide a new incentive for the Alliance to boost its activity.”

“For a Safe Digital Childhood” awards will be presented in our country for the first time. The awards ceremony will take place at the 3rd Youth Internet Governance Forum (Youth RIGF 2023) in Moscow on May 12. The winners in the following three categories will be honored: 

- “Adults and Children on the Internet,” for parents who pay special attention to providing their kids with skills in behaving responsibly online and interacting safely with the digital environment

- “Best Digital Lesson,” for innovative teachers who actively introduce new teaching methods and digital technology into the educational process and improve children’s digital literacy skills

- “Best Youth Project,” for the users aged 14 to 18 who submit the brightest, most unconventional and practical proposals on how to address online challenges and create a safe digital environment in one’s community. 

So far 389 applications have been submitted by teenagers; 241, by teachers; and 59, by parents. Most applications have been from residents of the Volga, Northwestern and Central Federal Districts.

To fill in the registration form and for further details on the contest, follow the link: https://cgitc.timepad.ru/event/2349993/