Applied knowledge at Youth RIGF

Applied knowledge at Youth RIGF

As per the good tradition of the Forum, Youth Digital Ombudsman Dmitry Gulyaev once again held his own interactive session. It focused on information and psychological safety of children and the youth—a high-priority problem at the present time. How to recognize information manipulation? How not to become a manipulator yourself? And ultimately, how to protect yourself from destructive information and psychological influence? Listeners were actively engaging with the speaker and eagerly analyzed case studies to put the gained knowledge into practice.

The Osminozhka Web 3.0 integrator literally looked into the future and imagined what the Internet would look like for all of us in twenty years. Besides, the integrator met forum participants to discuss Web 3.0 career tracks and relevant technologies that will generate new jobs in the future.

“The whole world is now following the path of greater business process automation: the e‑government infrastructure, digital banking and online retail are advancing, which indicates that Web 3.0 is becoming a prerequisite for the advancement of the state, business, and society in general. Young professionals possessing competencies in this domain will be able to significantly increase their value in the labor market and get broad opportunities for career growth. IT is an interesting and promising industry open to everyone. It is, however, very easy to be trivial working in IT. If you want to earn a lot and be in demand, it’s not enough to possess basic skills. You have to keep abreast of technologies, analyze global processes, and foresee what may happen in the future. Web 3.0 opens up new possibilities for the evolution of the IT industry, and the youth will highly likely become an important part of this process,” said Mikhail Shraibman, General Director of Osminozhka, about his master class.

It is worth recalling that the Forum marks the birthday of the .рф TLD. To honor this notable day, the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ organized a special quiz on the evolution of Runet; the winners got memorable prizes. In addition, the Coordination Center held a master class, “The State and Development of the Russian Language on the Internet: How to Take into Account the Language Preferences of Users.” Participants discussed the technological aspects of the universal acceptance of domain names and email addresses written in symbols of national alphabets. The ways in which .рф, the world’s largest Cyrillic domain, helps to preserve and develop the Russian language online were covered as well.

“It’s nice to see that what once was day 0 of the big RIGF has turned into a separate large-scale industry Forum attracting talented youth. As was mentioned at the closing ceremony of the Russian Internet Governance Forum, such events are being held to make every voice heard, and Youth RIGF has helped to make us hear the voice of the younger generation,” shared his impressions of the Forum Andrey Vorobiev, Director of the Coordination Center.

Besides, the VR Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University held a master class on the use of virtual reality technologies in sports while Kazakhstan-based Astana Hub spoke about the ways to launch an effective startup and turn one’s idea into a favorite activity.