About 69% of Russian students have faced cyberbulling at least one time

About 69% of Russian students have faced cyberbulling at least one time

About 69% of the surveyed Russian schoolchildren have encountered bullying on the Internet a couple of times, and a quarter of students face cyberbullying every time they quarrel with someone. Such conclusions are made in the survey conducted by the platforms “VK Education” and Uchi.ru. 

“At the same time, 24% of the surveyed schoolchildren admitted that they encounter cyberbullying every time they quarrel with someone, 3% noted that they regularly write offensive things for no apparent reason, and 4% said that they are constantly being bullied both online and in real life; 69% have encountered bullying on the Internet a couple of times,” the materials say. 

According to the survey, 28% of respondents indicated that in order to protect themselves from cyberbullying, they need to close their pages on social networks and block offenders. Exactly the same number are sure that only acquaintances should be added to friends on social networks, 13% believe that it is necessary to seek advice on this issue from classmates, 11% are ready to seek help from a psychologist or teacher.

About 50% of the surveyed schoolchildren are ready to tell their relatives that they are being bullied on the Internet, 13% to their teachers, 11% to their friends, and a quarter of the students are not going to share their feelings about bullying with anyone.

Teachers were also interviewed. As follows from the materials, 50% of teachers know how to deal with cyberbullying. Every fifth does not know how to resist bullying on the Internet, the same number are not familiar with this phenomenon, and 9% do not consider it a problem, but believe it is a common thing on the Internet. At the same time, 50% of respondents are sure that their students have not faced cyberbullying, 24% believe that their students had such an experience: half of them managed to stop bullying, the same number answered that it is not always possible to stop aggression against a child. 

The survey was conducted from October 28 to November 3, 2021 among teachers and schoolchildren registered on the Uchi.ru platform, 815 teachers and 1,050 students took part in it. On the Day of Combating Cyberbullying on November 11, VK and Uchi.ru, with the support of the Moscow Department of Education and Science and the Sphera platform, will hold an online conference “Safe Internet: What Schoolchildren and Teachers Need to Know” and present the results of a study on cyberbullying.