A new registration procedure for radio electronic equipment will start from March 1, 2022

A new registration procedure for radio electronic equipment will start from March 1, 2022

The register entry on radio-electronic devices (RED) upon renewal of the permission to use frequencies will be automatically prolonged from March 1, 2022. This was reported to TASS by the office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko.

The new registration procedure is included in the action plan to stimulate the operators’ investment activity for the development of communication networks based on advanced technologies, which was approved by the Deputy Prime Minister.

“In July, the Presidium of the Legal Commission for Digital Development approved measures to stimulate the investment activity of operators. By early 2023, the Ministry of Finance, together with other departments, should implement 11 measures that will provide the market with favorable conditions for participation in the development of information infrastructure. Now the government has determined the rules for interaction between operators and regulatory authorities. The new interaction mechanism minimizes bureaucratic procedures and allows business to concentrate on the quality of the projects,” Chernyshenko noted.

The conditions for registration are defined in Resolution No. 1800 “On the Procedure for Registration of Radio-Electronic Means and High-Frequency Devices”, adopted by the government of the Russian Federation on October 20, 2021. The document will enter into force on March 1, 2022.

“Now mobile operators and other civil rights holders using the radio frequency spectrum renew Roskomnadzor's permits for the use of frequencies, and then again apply to Roskomnadzor for a certificate of registration of the RED. After the expiration of the permit, it is necessary to go through these two procedures again. Now, though it will be enough for the user to make a necessary note in the application for the extension of the permit, and the certificate of registration of the RED will be automatically extended for the same period,” said Dmitry Tur, Director of the Department for state regulation of the telecommunications market of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development.

The Deputy Prime Minister's office added that the rules will save users from going through an additional administrative procedure. “First of all, this will be beneficial for the operators of large networks, who are now facing the need to obtain dozens of certificates of registration of RED,” the office said.