Mishustin pointed out that Russia ranks first in Europe for the number of Internet users

Mishustin pointed out that Russia ranks first in Europe for the number of Internet users

Mr. Mishustin also added that more than 100 million citizens are registered on the Public Services Portal (Gosuslugi), the number of verified accounts having increased almost by half over the past five years.

“We understand how such processes develop, so in the EAEU, we often act as the initiators of digitalization; we support promising ideas to improve the business environment. This will be helpful for all of us,” he noted. 

According to Mr. Mishustin, Russian analogues could substitute 85 % of foreign software.

Prime Minister stressed that Russia’s efforts aimed at developing digital technology in the public sector are recognized by international experts, despite the biased attitude of the West. The Russian Federation ranks among the top ten countries with the highest level of information technology use in the public sector, according to the World Bank’s rankings, he specified.

On January 12, Vladimir Zykov, Director of the Association of Professional Social Media and Messaging App Users, told Izvestia that Russians shift to domestic analogues of foreign social media: more than 5 million users have already joined Russian platforms.

Development of Russian social media platforms and messaging apps is part of the “New Systemic Software” roadmap, which was approved by the government in December 2022.

It is also stated in the document that Russia’s technological independence index number in the field of industrial software should have exceeded 82 % by 2030. In 2021, the index number was only 48 %, whereas in 2022, a little more than 50 %, according to preliminary estimates.