Russian Ministry of Digital Development building a talent pool of IT professionals

Russian Ministry of Digital Development building a talent pool of IT professionals

The talent pool is being built by order of Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Chernyshenko with the purpose of strengthening digital transformation teams in the public sector. “Digital transformation is one of the five national goals set by the Russian President. In this regard, the active process of digitalization of the economy and public administration requires attracting high-skilled talent and, in general, designing a competency model that could meet contemporary challenges. The ministry was assigned the task of building a talent pool of IT professionals that would be continuously trained and eventually receive job offers. I’d like to stress that membership is free of charge and every IT professional has a chance to be enrolled in the project,” Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko noted.

The opportunities created for the talent pool project participants include

·      continuous professional development in the field of IT and digital transformation
·      opportunity to network with leading Russian experts in various industries
·      evaluation of professional competencies and personal skills
·      obtaining an individual competence passport with personalized competence improvement recommendations
·      job offers from state agencies and state-funded organizations involved in digital transformation project implementation. 

The talent pool is established by the Recruitment Center of the Ministry of Digital Development and the Education Centre for Digital Transformation Teams and CDTOs of the Graduate School of Public Management of RANEPA. 

Both talent pool membership and participation in the selection are free. To participate in the project, applicants need to register on a special platform developed with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development. Since the platform was created two years ago, over 11,500 professionals in IT and digital development have registered there.

“What matters is not so much having the required level of competence as the ability to put it into practice and use as a tool for tackling specific job tasks. This is the most important indicator of the talent pool members’ performance. It is also worth noting that successful candidates will continuously increase their competence by completing interesting assignments and climbing up the talent pool rankings,” stated Nikolai Iatselenko, Deputy Minister of Digital Development.