Khinshtein supported the idea of criminal liability for the creation of swap number services

Khinshtein supported the idea of criminal liability for the creation of swap number services

The head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Alexander Khinshtein, supported the initiatives of the All-Russia People’s Front to introduce criminal liability for organizing a service for changing phone numbers and informing subscribers about potential fraudsters free of charge.

"We support such proposals as we support any measures aimed at combating cybercrime," Khinshtein said in an interview with TASS. At the same time, the MP clarified that the relevant amendments have not yet been received by the apparatus of his Committee.

"This is socially expected, and fair, and correct," he described the idea of ​​the movement, recalling the law passed in June on blocking calls from abroad that swap phone numbers.

Speaking about the idea to oblige telecom operators to make free services for notifying subscribers about possible calls from fraudsters, Khinshtein supported it, but advocated discussion with operators.

“Conceptually, yes, so long as it does not fit into the tariffs. If it is technically achievable and does not lead to an increase in tariffs, then, of course, I support it,” said the chairman of the Duma committee.

The All-Russia People’s Front previously sent a letter to the Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Maksut Shadayev with a proposal to introduce criminal liability for organizing services for the swap of telephone numbers and, possibly, the substitution of telephone numbers itself. The document, which TASS reviewed, also proposes to oblige telecom operators "to inform customers free of charge that the incoming call has signs of illegal advertising or fraudulent activity." In addition, the Front advocated for an extrajudicial operational blocking of telephone numbers "with signs of fraudulent".