Disposal of the junk information and entanglement of the "digital footprint" - the rules of digital hygiene from the YDO

Disposal of the junk information and entanglement of the "digital footprint" - the rules of digital hygiene from the YDO

In his opening remarks, Dmitry Gulyaev noted that Generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2015), to which the Ombudsperson belongs himself, spends considerable time on the Internet, and this makes the "World Wide Web" an integral part of the life of a generation. Therefore, it is important not only to know the rules of safe online behavior, but also remember to follow them.

The workshop was held in an interactive format - participants were asked questions, such as, what is a “digital profile”. They were also offered to imagine themselves in the place of an employer who is looking for an employee and is studying the candidate's "digital profile". Youth Digital Ombudsperson has deliberately explained what a “digital profile” is – a collection of all information about each of us, which is contained in social networks, on the pages of various websites on the Internet. The "digital profile" consists of data about our preferences, bad habits, hobbies, desires, goals, the manner of communication with people, family, friends, and much more.

After this short educational program, Dmitry Gulyaev and Alim Khapov presented 10 rules of digital hygiene that would make the presence of a young user on the Internet safer. Moreover, some of the rules were relevant not only for children but also for their parents. There are several important ideas running through all 10 rules: to treat all information in the digital space critically and carefully fact-check it, cautiously read user agreements, take care of the personal data security and passwords, and intelligently dose information about yourself on social networks to reduce the risk of it falling into the hands of scammers and ad algorithms. Thus, you can conceal your "digital footprint", which may tell the algorithms of various digital platforms, for example, what exactly to offer us to read or watch.

At the end of the workshop, the speakers suggested using the knowledge gained in practice and solving several simple cases on the topic of digital hygiene. The audience successfully completed the tasks, and the young listeners demonstrated their desire to continue using the rules of digital hygiene.

The organizers of the competition "Bolshaya Peremena" are the ANO "Russia – Land of Opportunity", the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Rospatriotcentr" and the Russian Schoolchildren's Movement. The competition is being implemented within the framework of the national project "Education".