Information Security is Open to All Professionals

Information Security is Open to All Professionals

The speakers of the discussion were Andrey Vorobyev, Director of the Coordination Centre for .RU/.РФ domains, Valery Komarov, Head of the Awareness Division of the Information Security Department of the Moscow Department of Information Technologies, Ilya Strokach, Growth Sector Director of the Icontext agency, Vasily Zudin, Deputy Director of the Centre for Global IT Cooperation, and Dmitry Gulyaev, Digital Youth Ombudsman.

Valery Komarov spoke about choosing information security (IS) field as a career path. He noted that every day everyone contributes to the information security of the city and the country by simply using government services, which helps to improve them. In his opinion, it is not necessary to be a programmer for the IS field - psychotype is more important for the job than specialty, so he urged young guys not to be afraid to go into this field and be confident in building a successful career.

The activity of fraudsters has increased many times in recent years, especially the creation of phishing sites - only last year more than 48 thousand complaints about such resources were identified, said Andrey Vorobyov. The sharp increase in domain registrations for the purpose of illegal actions is mainly event-driven: every event of concern to the population is used to deceive citizens. Registration of .ru/.рф domains has also increased over the past year, because Internet users have become more attentive to the addresses they go to and are no longer so easily caught by phishing sites. The expert advised young people to always check the pages of websites carefully to avoid falling for phishing sites.

Ilya Strokach spoke about the rules of communication in the digital space. He urged everyone to keep an eye on their digital footprints and always think before posting something on social networks, as everything on the Internet is stored for quite a long time and can play a cruel joke on the author in the future. However, he also added that there is no shame in making mistakes, including online. The main thing is to learn to recognize them.

Dmitry Gulyaev, Digital Youth Ombudsman, explained how to counteract manipulative techniques and tactics on the web. The most important thing is to understand the myth that is used by attackers to reveal their purpose and the essence of the atrocity itself. He also reminded that in case of violation of their rights on the Internet - from cyberbullying to fraud - young people can always turn to the ICO institute for help, including through a special project - Digital Help.

Summing up the discussion, Vasily Zudin spoke about the upcoming IV Digital Youth Forum, which will be held on April 5, at Cyberhouse. "Information security will be a red thread running through all thematic areas of the Forum this year, so we invite everyone to take part in the event to be part of a large-scale discussion on the future of technology," he concluded.Registration for Youth RIGF-2024 has opened

Registration for the IV Youth RIGF-2024, which will take place on April 5, 2024 at Cyberhouse (Moscow), has started. The forum is organized by the Competence Centre for Global IT Cooperation.

 The event is open to undergraduate and graduate students, postgraduates, recent graduates and anyone interested in the field of information technology and the topic of Internet governance, under the age of 30.

Youth RIGF will give a chance to communicate with leading IT experts, discuss the future of technology, and take part in one of the four sections where speakers and participants will discuss the most relevant trends in the field of information technology:

Internet of Our Bodies: The Future of Technology
The Cyber Chamber of Wisdom: Education in the Age of AI
New Human Resources Make All the Difference: Automation and Robotization
It's Hard to Be a Human: The Society of the Digital Age

 "The forum is a clear indication of how young people are keen to take more initiative in shaping the future of IT field. Every year we see their eyes shining with eagerness, thirst for knowledge and drive for innovation. Such a response to our forums cannot but inspire us to create a truly effective and meaningful event that addresses topical issues and helps unlock the potential of the new generation in the rapidly changing world of technology and science," said Vadim Glushchenko, Director of the Centre for Global IT Cooperation. He added that it is young people who will actively use all the advantages of the digital era, and therefore their views and interests should be taken into account as much as possible when determining the path of development of the technological future. The forum provides them with an opportunity to be heard by the expert community.

 In addition, "Digitalization for Good", a joint award of the Centre and the Digital Youth Ombudsman will be presented during the Forum. The aim of the award is to find and reward active young people who work to improve digital literacy among young people and protect their rights online.

 In addition, the Forum will host the Digital Safe Childhood Award ceremony of the Alliance for Digital Child Protection (Alliance). The award will be assigned in four categories: "Lessons in Web Safety" for teachers, "Adults and Children on the Internet" for parents, "Best Youth Project" for children aged 14 to 18, and "Digital Family Safety" for family digital projects.

The Youth RIGF is being held for the fourth time and is part of the Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF), which is held under the auspices of the United Nations. Like last year, it will be held in a hybrid format.

 The registration form and detailed program are available on the website: http://youth.rigf.ru/.