Moscow tech companies to receive grants of up to 2 mln rubles for pilot testing of their products

Moscow tech companies to receive grants of up to 2 mln rubles for pilot testing of their products

The grants will amount to up to 2 mln rubles for each test. The funds received can be used to offset the costs of logistics, insurance, certification, consumables, component materials, salaries, maintenance and repair of equipment, and rental of additional equipment required for testing a product.

“The call for grant applications will be open in April 2022. The decision to expand the innovation pilot testing program is a part of the package of measures for the stabilization of economy in Moscow amid sanctions. … Over the previous two years, more than 180 pilot tests had been conducted within the framework of the program, and, as a result, tech companies had been able to attract more than 650 mln rubles in investments and sign contracts worth approximately 220 mln rubles, in total,” mayor’s office said.

The pilot testing program for innovative solutions has been in run in Moscow since 2019 and allows developers to conduct tests of new technologies and products under real-life or close to real-life conditions. As a result, developers can fix the identified problems and asses the market potential of their products. Any tech company or startup that develops or releases new products, technologies or software will be able to receive a pilot testing grant.

According to the mayor’s office, 60 sites of urban infrastructure are suitable for conducting tests: 24 healthcare and social service organizations, 12 cultural and recreational centers, 4 educational institutions, but also technology parks, housing and utility services, transport services and other organizations. The program coordinator is the Moscow Agency of Innovations. You can get detailed information and apply for pilot testing on the website of the Moscow Innovation Cluster i.moscow.