Dmitry Chernyshenko to participate in Youth Internet Governance Forum

Dmitry Chernyshenko to participate in Youth Internet Governance Forum

Part of the UN system, each year the Forum joins together over 400 students and young specialists from across the country interested in current trends and evolution prospects of the world web, especially its Russian segment. This year’s agenda includes creating domestic online content, promoting IT volunteering, and countering the risks and threats emerging from the “dark” side of the Internet and caused by the deepfake technology distribution.

This year’s forum marks the first time that “For a Safe Digital Childhood” award ceremony will be held. The awards will be presented in three categories: “Best Digital Lesson” for teachers, “Adults and Children on the Internet” for parents, and “Best Youth Project” for students in general education schools, from 14 to 18 years of age. More than 1200 people from almost all Russian regions participated in the contest. Those who had designed the most creative and remarkable projects that could help turn the Internet into a friendly space for the youngest users made it to the finals.

Mr. Chernyshenko has been participating in Internet-governance-themed events, including those taking place at the international level, on a regular basis. In 2021, he spoke at the high-level plenary session on global digital cooperation and investments in the advancement of the digital environment, which was held at the UN Internet Governance Forum in Poland.

“We’re counting on the younger generation, who’s committed to engaging in global cooperation in the digital space. Only together can we make the Internet an accessible and safe environment,” Deputy Prime Minister stressed back then.