CGITC is a participant of T20 Indonesia Task Forces project supporting the G20 agenda

CGITC is a participant of T20 Indonesia Task Forces project supporting the G20 agenda

The T20 is the international research engagement group of the G20. It serves as the ideas and research bank of the G20 and a platform for the preparation of G20 documents and resolutions bringing together think tanks and research centers. To become eligible for creating a policy brief, in other words, a summary of a particular problem, they submit an application and go through a selection process. A policy brief is an analytical communiqué and a summary of an issue, its main challenges, and practical recommendations on how to address it. Policy briefs get published separately and form a part of T20 general overview of the current agenda. Also, their key points get included in the T20 Communiqué. A selected number of policy briefs may even be used in the G20 Declaration.

After having gone through the selection process, the CGITC became eligible for participating in the T20 and presenting the analytical overview “Deepfakes and security in the information environment: challenges for governments, society and business.” As members of the Task Force 2 “Meaningful Digital Connectivity, Cybersecurity, Empowerment,” the experts conduct their research within the framework of the policy area “Cybersecurity Risks, Threats, and Data Privacy.”

Since the project was launched, the CGITC representatives have already participated in three pre-planned research-focused events for member countries.

On April 8, 2022, through Goesmart 2022, the workshop “Recover Together, Recover Stronger” was held. The event was attended by more than 140 participants from around the globe. At the invitation of the “Initiative for Strengthening Cybersecurity and Protecting Privacy” section organizers, the CGITC experts Tatiana Kurbatova and Andrey Ignatiev presented their report on establishing approaches to deepfake regulation and summarized key contents of the forthcoming policy brief.

The measures proposed by the Russian parties require a systematic and comprehensive study of matters related to deepfakes. Emphasis was placed on the importance of establishing approaches and providing recommendations on the basis of equitable international partnerships, exchange of good practices, and scientific evidence.

The results of Task Forces’ work and the respective policy briefs will be presented during the Think20 summit in September 2022 in Indonesia.