Rules of digital hygiene for children and their parents

Rules of digital hygiene for children and their parents

An interactive meeting was organized as part of the family session “Relatives - Loved Ones” at the “Tavrida.ART” festival, which took place in Crimea from September 8 to 12. Schoolchildren who took part in the All-Russian competition “Bolshaya Peremena” attended the annual festival for the first time.

Participants in the interactive format guessed the rules of digital hygiene, and then discussed them with members of the YDO team. Moreover, some of the rules were relevant not only for children, but also for the parents themselves. Several important thoughts run through all the recommendations for online behavior: to treat all information in the digital space critically and check it, carefully read user agreements, take care of the security of your data and passwords, and dose information about yourself on social networks in order to reduce the risk of it falling into the hands of fraudsters and being used by advertising algorithms. Thus, you can “confuse” and hide your “digital footprint”, which tells the algorithms of various digital platforms, for example, what exactly to offer you for reading or viewing. At the end of the meeting, the guests were left with a memo with online safety rules, which will further help them on the Internet.

Ombudsman Dmitry Gulyaev commented on the conversation: “The event turned out to be very successful. We received only positive feedback from both the participants and the organizers. After the conversation, the team answered the parents' questions about how exactly it is possible to protect children from the danger of the net”.

Finally, the event announced the creation of the YDO website, within which a platform for receiving applications and complaints will function. This tool will help create a secure Internet space in the future.