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Vadim Glushchenko, Centre of Competence For Global IT Cooperation: It's Time for Countries to Assert Their Digital Sovereignty

On February 16, the second round table on the Global Digital Compact, organized by the Center of Competence for Global IT Cooperation, took place. What were the results and how exactly the position of the Russian expert community will be formed, told Vadim Glushchenko, Director of the Center of Competence for Global IT Cooperation.


IT Trend. Russia Has Taken up Building Domestic Analogues Instead of Western IT Solutions

A difficult year for the Russian IT industry has dotted all the i's. Russia will have to reconfigure the IT services market, unlock the industry's innovative potential and get rid of dependence on foreign software. It is necessary to learn to rely solely on one's own strength, experts think, and believe that the time of change has come for the industry as a whole, and, therefore, the time of opportunity.


On Some Aspects of the “Declaration For the Future of the Internet”

One of the most pressing issues stirring the minds of the global Internet community and discussed at the recent UN Internet Governance Forum (November 28-December 2, Addis Ababa) was the prospects for the implementation of the “Declaration For the Future of the Internet”. This document was prepared by an initiative group of countries headed by the US in April 2022, and has already been signed by more than 60 states.


How Russian IT-companies can gain a foothold in foreign markets

The director of the Centre for Global IT Cooperation, Vadim Glushchenko, spoke about the opportunities his organization offers to promote domestic high-tech companies abroad.


Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights

The White House Science and Technology Policy Board has published the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights.


Expert opinion on the challenges Russian IT companies are facing abroad

Director of the Center for Global IT-Cooperation Vadim Glushchenko has spoken on the challenges Russian IT companies are facing abroad and the opportunities provided for those who opted against relocation.


Digital industry under attack. What effect may anti-Russian sanctions have on the Western IT manufacturers?

The experiments in expulsion of Russia from the global economy that started after the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine have recently taken the form of hysteria and been considered by many international experts an attempt to destroy this very economy. In their opinion, the Western sanctions imposed on Russia can backfire on the sanctions’ instigators.


IT career trends. Reality and prospects

There has been a lot of talk about increased attention to IT workers as well as support measures for IT workforce and companies engaged in domestic technological development. However, the truth is that this trend started during the 2020–2021 pandemic. At the time, companies were cutting costs, moving employees to remote work or looking for alternative ways to optimize business processes.